Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Video Sleeve Covers 2

Bus Stop 20th Century Fox Video

Can You Keep It Up For a Week? Intervision Video

Guess What We Learned In School Today? Intervision Video

Jessi's Girls Intervision Video

King of Kong Island Intervision Video

Lady Hamilton Go Video

Megaforce 7.9 Go Video

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes 20th Century Fox Video
Published for the German Market

Rivkin Bounty Hunter Home Video Productions

Squeze a Flower Intervision Video

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Video Sleeve Covers 4

Black Sunday Vampix Video

Cannibal Holocaust Go Video

Cemetry of the Living Dead Vampix Video

Flesh Feast Intercity Video

Macabre Go Video

Moonchild Go Video

Stranger in the House Go Video

The Invasion of Carol Enders Psycho Video

The Tempter Intervision Video

The Terror of Dr. Hichcock Vampix Video

Oriental Blue
Circa 1982

Film Posters 2

Master Of Love

Ranch of the Nymphomaniac Girls

Talk Naughty To Me and Sex Boat

Way of the Dragon

Untamed Sex and Daughter of Emmanuelle

Sexual Exploits of Naughty Penny and Sex World

Desires of a Nymphmaniac

Emanuelle Queen of Sados
Part Artwork taken from
Emanuelle Queen Bitch

Copy of the above

Supersonic Man

Video Sleeve Covers 1979 / 1984

Dureing this period Sam was to illustrate  nine  of the Original Video-Nasties whilst working for the Graffitti Productions Ltd. for Paul Constable and Nimal Jayasekera, his art appearing on the video boxes for Go Video, Vipco, Derran, Intercity, Vampix, Inter-Ocean, Intervision. For video lovers check out the Go Video Site you will not be dissapointed.


Charley One-Eye Xtasy Video

Eliza Fraser  Films International Video

Accident at Memorial Stadium Intervision Video

Ace Up My Sleeve Spectrum Video 

Air Hawk Intervision Video

Alexandria 20th Century Fox Video

Appointment in Beirut Go Video

Because He's My Friend Go Piccadilly Video

Dirty Deal Go Video

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Video Sleeve Covers 5

Virgin Witch Intervision Video

Werewolf Woman Intercity Video

Love Me Deadly Hokushin Video

SS Experiment Camp Go Video

You've Come a Long Way, Katie Intervision Video

Bandits Go Video

Emmanuelle's Silver Tongue

Women Behind Bars Go Video

The Most Dangerous Man in the World CBS Fox Video

Cannibal Holocaust Copy

SS Experiment Camp Italian Copy

The Prisoner Spectrum Video

Alexis Sorbas 20th Century Fox Video

Alison's Birthday Intervision Video