Thursday, 22 May 2014

Paperbacks for other Publishers 2
Mayflower Dell, Sphere


The Big Steal  Howard Baker
Mayflower Dell 1558 First 1964

Gallows on the Sand  Morris L West
Mayflower Dell 2782 Fist 1964

A Girl I Knew  Axel Jensen
Mayflower Dell 2884 First 1964

Somebody in Boots  Nelsn Algren
Mayflower Dell 8110 First 1964

Trial by Fury  Craig Rice
Mayflower Dell 9090 First 1964

The Winds of Evil  Arthur Upfield
Mayflower Dell 9564 First 1964


Don't Cross My Line  Tom West
Sphere Books First 1970

The Buzzard's Nest  Tom West
Sphere Books First 1970

Renegade Roundup  Tom West
Sphere Books First 1970

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Paperbacks for other Publishers 3
Hodder & Stoughton Family

Mr. J.G. Reeder Returns  Edgar Wallace
Hodder Books 745 First 1965

Lost Pueblo  Zane Grey
Hodder Books 12802 Fourth 1970

The Golden Collar Elizabeth Cadell
Hodder Books 12797 First 1970

The Golden Collar
Colour Art Rough

The Lover Who Lied  Rubu M Ayres
Hodder Books 12966 First 1970

Dark Master  Raymond Giles
Coronet Books 12610 First 1970

Dark Master
Colour Art Rough

Dark Master Third 1975
Variant Cover
Possible Copy by another Artist

The Appaloosa  Robert MacLeod
Coronet Books 12617 First 1970

The Appalossa
Colour Art Rough

The Appaloosa  Variant
Coronet Books Third 1974

The Muleskinner  Robert MacLeod
Coronet Books 12518 First 1971

The Muleskinner
Colour Art Rough

The Muleskinner Variant
Coronet Books Second 1972

Ambush at Junction Rock  Robert MacLeod
Coronet Books 126434 Second 1973
Would like to see the First Edition

Ambush at Junction Rock
Colour Art Rough.

Paperbacks for Other Publishers 1962-1980
Fontana, Four Square, Compact, Ace UK


Cavalier Conquest Berkeley Gray
Fontana Books 835 First 1963

The Flyng Fox  Mary McMinnies
Fontana Books 763 Fist 1962

Vengeance Rider  Lewis Petten
Fontana Books  Second 1971

The D.A.'s Man  Danforth & Horan
Ace Books H476 First 1961


Puzzle for Fiends  Patrick Quentin
Four Square Books 660 First 1962

Run to Death  Patrick Quentin
Four Square Books 677 First 1962


Strange Ritual  Hank Janson
Compact Books F224 First 1963

Operation Obliterate  Hank Janson
Compact Books F338 First 1967

Casino Strip  Hank Janson
Compact Books F340 First 1967

Memoirs of a Coxcomb  John Cleland.
Compact Books L51 Sixth 1966

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Russell Thorndike Doctor Syn Books
Published by Jarrolds 1966

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sam Peffer Original Art

The Iconic James Bond Art

Casino Royale 1958 Book
Original Colour Rough

Moomraker  1959 Book
Original Colour Rough

Dr No 1960 Book
Original Colour Rough

From Russia With Love  1959 Book
Original Colour Rough

The Thing in the Room  1985 Mens Magazine
Original Colour Art

Red Red Rose 1955 Womens Magazine
Original Colour Art

Holiday Advert Unpublished  1970's
Original Colour Art

Immoral  1980 Film Poster
Original Colour Art

Skateboarding Circa 1970's Greeting Card
Original Colour Art

Specimem Illustation Circa 1970's
Original Colour Art

Virgin Witch  1983 Video Cover
Original Cover Art

The God King  1971 Film Poster
Original Colour Art

The Fabulous Clipjoint  1967 Book
Original Colour Rough

The Screaming Mimi  1967 Book
Orignal Colour Rough

Knock Three One Two  1967 Book
Original Colour Rough