Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Various Peff Artwork to be Featured.

Just a break from the Pan Books feature some of Sam's little known artwork.

 Hardback Jacket Art Circa 1961

 Paperback Cover Art Rough

 Greetings Card Art.

An Art Specimen

Film Poster Art also used on Video Cover.

Film Poster Artwork

Video Cover


Paperback Cover Art Not Used

Paperback Cover Art Circa 1970's
Either for Sphere or Fontana title unknown
Anyone have a copy

 Video Cover


Video Cover

Film Poster Art

Video Cover

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pan Books Continued.


Lowdown by Richard Jessup
Pan Books G461 First 1961

T.C.O.T. Moth-Eaten Mink by Erle Stanley Gardner
Pan Books G464 First 1961.

The Endless Colonnade by Robert Harling
Pan Books G466 First 1961.

Cape Fear by John D Macdonald
Pan Books G467 Third 1962
Movie Tie-in Edition First Thus.

Ladies Won't Wait by Peter Cheyney
Pan Books G471 First 1961.

Queen's Bureau of Investigation by Ellery Queen
Pan Books G484 First 1961.

The Operation by Leonard Engel
Pan Books G491 First 1961

The Second Victory by Morris West
Pan Books G493 First 1961.

The Footsteps of Anne Frank by Ernst Schnabel
Pan Books G494 First 1961.

Passage of Arms by Eric Ambler
Pan Books G496 First 1961.

Gideon's Staff by J.J. Marric
Pan Books G508 First 1961.

Soviet Spy Ring by Arhur Tietjen
Pan Books G518 First 1961.

Pan Books Continued.

Strange Cases by George Sava
Pan Books G401 First 1961.

The Siege of Sidney Street by Frederick Oughton
Pan Books G406 First 1960
Movie Tie-in.

A Woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life by Dr. Marion Hilliard
Pan Boks G409 First 1960.

Midnight Lace by William Drummond
Pan Books G413 First 1960
Movie Tie-in.

The Forger by Edgar Wallace
Pan Books G415 First 1960.

T.C.O.T. Angry Mourner by Erle Stanley Gardner
Pan Books G417 First 1960.

Always Another Door by Douglas Keay
Pan Books G423 First 1961.

The Devil at Four o'Clock by Max Catto
Pan Books G434 First 1961
Movie Tie-in.

Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith
Pan Books G435 First 1961.

The Sapphire Conference by Pwter Graaf
Pan Books G440 First 1961.

Stranges in My Body by Lancaster & Poling
Pan Books G442 First 1961.

The Four False Weapons by John Dickson Carr
Pan Books G453 First 1961.

Payroll by Derek Bickerton
Pan Books G 454 First 1961
Movie Tie-in.

The Hours After Midnight by Joseph Hayes
Pan Books G458 First 1961.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pan Books Continued.

Dr. No by Ian Fleming
Pan Books G335 First 1960

Riddle of a Lady by Anthony Gilbert
Pan Books G336 First 1960.

The Sea My Surgery by Dr. Joseph B. Maguire
Pan Books G341 First 1960.

Dames Don't Care by Peter Cheyney
Pan Books G352 First 1960.

Red For Danger by L.T.C. Rolt
Pan Books G359 First 1960.

T.C.O.T. Lucky Legs by Erle Stanley Gardner
Pan Books G365 First 1960.

Marion by John Bingham
Pan Books G368 Fist 1960

Marion Art

Please Don't Eat the Daisies by Jean Kerr
Pan Books G372 First 1960
Movie Tie-in.

Claudelle by Erskine Caldwell
Pan Books G375 Second 1961
Movie Tie-in
Would like to see a copy of the First.

The Lost Days of My Life by Jane Simpson
Pan Books G380 First 1960.

Gideon's Month by J.J. Marric
Pan Books G384 First 1960.

Gideon's Month Art.

Calamity Town by Ellery Queen
Pan Books G386 First 1960.

Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey
Pan Books G387 Second 1960.

Cover Variant
Reprint 1964.

Cone of Silence by David Beaty
Pan Books G389 First 1960.

A Case For Inspector West by John Creasey
Pan Books G393 First 1960.

T.C.O.T. Velvet Claws by Erle Stanley Gardner
Pan Books G398 First 1960.