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Pan Books

In the late Summer of 1956 Sam was approached by an artists agent Tony Bowen-Davies who wanted to recruit him as one of his team of artists for his company John Martin & Artists Ltd. and offered Sam work with Pan Books which he accepted even though he had to give up his own personal dealings with Panther.
The first book published by Pan that Sam illustrated was Sea Wyf & Biscuit February 1957 A Movie Tie-in starring Joan Collins, Richard Burton and Basil Sydney filmed as 'Sea Wife'.

It was not until February 1957 that Sam signed his first one year contract with Pan which was again repeated May 14th 1958, so overs this two year period because of contractual obligations he was only producing Pan Covers at forty guineas each for the first year and a further five guineas was added for the second.
Sam was to illustrate some 168 covers for Pan Books between 1956-1968.

Because of Sam's ability to produce artwork of a very high standard and the ability to reproduce in gouache a staggering likenesses of the Film Stars of the day he was commissioned to illustrate many Film Tie-in Covers approximately 31.

As there was no contract in the third year by 1960 Sam was doing other Cover Art work  for various paperback publishers.

It was while at Pan Sam made his first acquaintance with two other fine artists Pat Owen and Rex Archer who were to become life long friends.

Sea-Wyf and Biscuit by J.M. Scott.
Pan Books 404 First 1957.
Movie Tie-in.

Love and Marriage by Dr Eustace Chesser
Pan Books 404 Revised 1957.

The Spoletta Story by James Dillon White.
Pan Books 422 First 1957.

T.C.O.T. Backward Mule by Erle Stanley Gardner
Pan Books 428 First 1957.

Dark Interlude by Peter Cheyney
Pan Books 432 First 1957.

Dark Interlude Rough.

 Sinners and Shrouds by Jonathan Latimer.
Pan Books 436 First 1958.
Dangerous Exile by Vaughan Wilkins.
Pan Books GP 85 First 1957.

The Navey's Here by Frischauer & Jackson
Pan Books GP56 First 1957.

40000 Years Under the Sea by Philippe Diole.
Pan Books GP63 First 1957.

The Long Haul by Mervyn Haul
Pan Books GP67 First 1957
Movie Ti-in.

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