Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pan Books Continued.

The Nun's Story by Kathryn Hulme
Pan Books G291 First 1959.

 Cover Variant
Pan Books M240 Fifteenth Edition 1968.

The League of Gentleman by John Boland
Pan Books G298 First 1960
Movie Tie-in Edition.

To Love and be Wise by Josephine Tey
Pan Books G300 New Edition 1959.

Cover Variant
Pan Books X381 Fifth Edition 1964.

To Love and be Wise Art.

The Small Woman by Alan Burgess
Pan Books G306 First 1959
Movie Tie-in Edition.

Cover Variant
Pan Books X195 Seventh Edition 1966.

Cover Variant
Pan Books M Ninth Edition 1969.

Cover Variant
Pan Books Thirteenth Edition 1973.

The Devil to Pay by Ellery Queen
Pan Books G312 First 1960.

The Pillars of Midnight by Elleston Trevor
Pan Books G313 First 1959.

Dark Interlude by Peter Cheyney
Pan Books G317 Second 1959.

Moment of Danger by Donald Mackenzie
Pan Books G320 First 1959
Movie Tie-in

Moment of Danger Art

Gideon's Night by J.J. Marric
Pan Books G325 First 1960.

T.C.O.T. Musical Cow by Erle Stanley Gardner
Pan Books G326 First 1960.

Lost Horizon by James Hilton
Pan Books G330 Seventh 1960.


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