Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Panther Books Continued

Fiction of a Generation Edited by Whit & Hallie Burnett
Panther Books 1413 First 1962.

Mine Enemy Grows Older by Alexander King
Panther Books 1453 First 1962.

The Camp Across the River by J.W.G. Moran
Panther Books 1468 First 1963.

The Keener Love by Sally Thompson
Panther Books 1496 First 1963.

Redcap by Philip McCutchan
Panther Books 1532 First 1963.

The Kilroy Gambit by Irwin R. Blacker
Panther Books 1557 First 1963.

The Mind of Mr Soames by Charles Eric Maine
Panther Books 1700 First 1964.

Summer Glare by Gerard Hamilton
Panther Books 1734 First 1964.

Two Panther Books I am looking for are Ack-Ack by General Sir Frederick Pile Panther Book No. 623 Published 1956 and The Fall of the a Titan by Igor Gouzenko Panther Book No.1038 Published 1960.
I have two copies of Ack-Ack one with artwork uncredited and the other by John Vernon, The Fall of a Titan I have one copy uncredited. None of these uncredited ones are Peff's, but we know from Sam's records that he did illustrate covers for these tiles but maybe were not published.

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