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A Brief Biography

Sam was born November 3rd 1921, one of three children sister Ivy and brother Jim, he left school at the age of 14years.
He started work in 1936 for Leon Goodman Displays earning seven shillings per week these were engaged in the constructing of cinema displays that adorned the cinema foyers.
Here Sam was employed for six months and he prepared the boards for the artwork.
It was here that he made the acquaintance of Henry Fox who was to become one of John Spencers top paperback Artists.
From here Sam moved on to Weddell Brothers who were poster writers and silk screen printers, here he gained his initial experience engaged in the duty's of filling in the outlined letters on posters with the colours required then to tracer, poster-writer and the finally artist. He was employed here from the Summer of 1936 until August 1941.
August 1941 Sam joined the Royal Navy and after training was passed as Able Seaman Gunner and joined the SS Empire Stour.
One of his expeditions of the war was the involvement in Operation Pedestal (The Relief of Malta Convoy) and was demobbed January 1946.

His first position after the war was to attend a Government Further Education Scheme and attend Hornsey School of Art on a grant of £3.00 per week.
After completing this course Sam found employment at an art studio run by a Mr. Moulding in Chancery Lane these were engaged in designing press adverts in line or line and wash.
Then on to Hope Advertising of Charing Cross Road who produced Film Posters here he was a Lettering Artist. Another move led Sam to John Defrene established in Wells Street where he illustrated a poster of Deanna Durbin which was placed in the foyer of The Tivoli Cinema in The Strand.

January 1st 1949 Sam married his wife Kit.

Whilst at Defrene's the seeds of Free-Lancing were sewn.
From Defrene's Sam was introduced to Theatre Publicity by his Brother in Law Jack Cooper who was later to become a stunt man, these were situated in Finchley Road.
Here Sam illustrated Film Posters and was later to take charge of the Art Studio it was here he first met John Vernon where an established friendship was made. It was while working here Sam was thinking more of becoming a Freelance Artist and joined a company called Artists Partners an Agency whose Director was a Mr. Donovan Candler, from here Sam was to illustrate the odd press advertising feature.

Advertising Art

Model in Car Boot Circa 1950's Signed Peff.

Unpublished Advertisement late 1940's

Specimen Magazine Illustration Circa 1950's Signed.

Specimen Magazine Illustration Unpublished late 1940's Signed.

Specimen Magazine Illustration  late 1940's Signed.

Portrait of J.E. Hoover late 1940's Unpublished Specimen Signed.

Black & White Drawing Unpublished Specimen Signed Peff.

Specimen Magazine Illustration Signed Peff.

Unpublished Cadburys Chocolate Advert Signed Peff.

Specimen Magazine Illustration late 1970's Signed.

 Pin-Up late 1940's for Artists Partners Agents.

Pin-Up late 1940's for Artists Partners Agents Unpublished.

Late 1970's Specimen Magazine Illustration Signed.

Early 1970's Pin-Up Signed.

Specimen Illustration late 1960's Signed.

Holiday images 1970's Unpublished Advertisement.

Raymond Chandler interest, black & white painting for a proposed London Weekend Television Series
called Chandlertown: The World of Raymond Chandler. The Artwork appeared on the cover of the Press Release Folder Circa 1980.
Do you have one? would love a copy.

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