Monday, 29 July 2013

It was while working at Theatre Publicity Sam was thinking more of becoming a Freelance Artist and acquired the services of a company called Artists Partners an agency whose Director was a Mr. Donovan Candler and from here Sam was to illustrate the odd Press Advertising Feature.

While still in full time employment at Theatre Publicity some of the Directors decided to form a new company which was to be known as Pearl & Dean. Sam moved with the new company and was still in charge of the Art Department, one of the influences for moving was that the agency Artists Partners Studio was in that area.

At this time Sam gained his introduction into paperback cover art through his agency and was commissioned to do two covers for Milestone Publications both  for the Miss Otis series.

Ben Sarto, Miss Otis Moves In Circa 1954.

The model photo taken by and developed by Sam of his wife Kity for the above paperback cover.

The above two photos again taken by Sam.
One of these may have been used for the other title for Milestone Publications which Sam produced.
Any help on tracking this down would be very much appreciated.

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