Sunday, 28 July 2013

I have for many years collected the Art of Sam Peffer "Peff" whose many images adorned numerous Paperbacks, Film Posters, Video Covers, Toy Boxes, Greetings Cards, Magazines and even a couple of Murial's plus Advertising Illustrations.

This Blog is for those who have collected his art but are not aware of the many fields of illustration he was involved in, most only know him for his many Pan Books illustrations of which  four titles were for the early James Bond titles as well as the 1960's Doctor Syn titles by Arrow Books.

Over a period of some 29 years I believe he produced around one thousand pieces of art which break down to Book Covers 500 approx, Film Posters 200, Video Covers 70 plus, Greetings Cards 100 plus and  various other illustration art.

I will add a brief  Biography and Bibliography by Pictures, also ask for the odd photo, scan, book which I still need to complete my quest or anything out there that I am not aware of so all contributions most gratefully received.

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