Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Panther Books

Over the past couple of months his agent was doing very little apart from invoicing his client and getting his twenty percent agent fee, so Sam had to consider very seriously whether to dispense of his services and do it all himself.
Having received a phone call from his agent explaining he had read an advertisement by Panther Books who were seeking Artists to illustrate their paperbacks, on Sam's behalf he made a phone call to Panther this resulting in Sam having to make contact with the Art Director a Mr. Mortimer and make an appointment.
The result from this was a commission to illustrate the cover for The Amazing Mr. Doolittle.

It was after this initial meeting at Panther Books that Sam had decided to dispense with the services of his agent Hugh White.

The Amazing Mr. Doolittle by Quentin Reynolds
Panther Books 571 First 1956.

The Amazing Mr. Doolittle Rough.

Sam was to illustrate around thirty Panther covers between 1956 and 1964 two titles in particular gave him great satisfaction namely Joe Louis American and Jack Solomons Tells All, This as because he had been a very proficient amateur boxer and would have considered this as a profession but his greater love was art.

The Other Side of the Hill by B.H. Liddell Hart
Panther Books 575 First 1956.

Great Day in the Morning by Robert Hardy Andrews.
Panther Books 585 First 1956.
An RKO Picture Movie Tie-in.

Temptress Returns by Edward Allcard.
Panther Books 590 First 1956.
Nautical Series No.3

Lower Deck by John Davies.
Panther Books 596 First 1956.
The models on front cover are Sam to the right and Jack Cooper his brother-in law.

Joe Louis American by Margery Miller.
Panther Books 601 First 1956.

Art Sample Not Published.

Joe Louis American Pull.
No Lettering in Band.

Marshal Without Glory by Ewan Butler & Gordon Young.
Panther Books 608 First 1956.

Moscow by Theodor Plievier.
Panther Books 611 First 1956.

Animal Heaven by Alistair Scobie.
Panther Books 615 First 1956.

Animal Heaven Rough.

Rossano by Gordon Lett.
Panther Books 617 First 1956.

The Cruiser by Warren Tute.
Panther Books 621 First 1956.

Gideon Goes to War by Leonard Mosley.
Panther Books 634 First 1957.

Yangtse Incident by Lawrence Earl.
Panther Books 647 First 1956.

Friend or Foe? by Oreste Pinto.
Panther Books 653 First 1957.

10 Days to Die by Michael A. Musmann0.
Panther Books 657 First 1956.
Book of the Month No.8.

The Cretan Runner by George Psychoundakis.
Panther Books 659 First 1957.

Flying Saucers Have Landed by Desond Leslie & George Adamski.
Panther Books 663 First 1957.

The Truth About Edith Thompson by Lewis Broad.
Panther Books 670 First 1957.

Mister Adam by Pat Frank.
Panther Books First 1957.

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