Sunday, 4 May 2014

Brown Watson Publishers
Digit Books 5

The Brutal Kook  Michael Avallone
Digit R959  1966

The Lust Seekers  Peggy Gaddis
Digit  R961  1966

 This Strange Tomorrow  Frank Belknap Long
Digit R965  1966

The Other Side of the Coin  Pierre Boulle
Digit R966  1966

The Chinese Executioner  Pierre Boulle
Digit R972  1966

Knock-Three-One-Two  Fredric Brown
Sabre Book R976  1967
Now with Sabre Logo but Digit Numbering Continues

Original Cover Art Rough

The Screaming Mimi  Fredric Brown
Sabre R979  1967

The Fabulous Clipjoint  Fredric Brown
Sabre R982  1967

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