Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Brown Watson Publishers
Digit Books 3

Chindwin Mission  Peter Baillie
Digit R855  1964

Alibi and Dr. Morelle  Ernest Dudley
Digit R859  1964

The Killer Came Riding  James Preston
Digit R861 1964

Beyond the Spectrum  Martin Thomas
Digit R864  1964

Iwo Jima  Dale Corbett
Digit R872  1964
Iwo Jima  Dale Corbett
Original Art Colour Rough

The World Wrecker  Sydney J Bounds
Digit R885  1964

Original Art colour Rough
The First of the Last  Ricahard Macgregor
Digit R886  1964
Would love to purchase a copy of book
Phobos The Robot Planet  Paul Capon
Digit R887  1964

Out of Chaos  J T McIntosh
Digit R888  1965
Fom this point many books do not carry the Digit Logo
or mention Digit Books but the numbering continues
Into The Tenth Millenium  Paul Capon
Digit G895  1965

 The Day the Century Ended  Francis Irby Gwaltney
Digit G898  1965

Loves of the Orient  Giovanni Camisso
Digit R899  1965

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