Monday, 5 May 2014

Brown Watson Publishers 1963-1967
Digit Books 1

The Saint Meets The Tiger  Leslie Charteris
Digit R603  First 1963

An Original Colour Rough for Digit R603

Corrina Lang Goodbye  Vivian Connell
Digit R726  1963

Honourable Enemy  Edwin Styles
Digit R731 Third 1963
These Unlucky Deeds  Richard Martin Stern
Digit R737  1963

The Captive City  John Appleby
Digit R739  1963

I Was a Hell Camp Prisoner  Robert J Wright
Digit R741  1963

Ghosts With a Purpose  Elliott O'Donnell
Digit R745  1963

The Time of Desire  Louis Charbonneau
Digit R755  1963

The Trapped Ones Louis Charbonneau
Digit R761  1963

 The Man Who Bought London  Edgar Wallace
Digit R765  1963

The Big Blues  Pat Bunyan
Digit R767  1963

The Creeping Plague  Richard MacGregor
Digit R768  1963

Between the Hammer and the Anvil  Romula Jan Krvic
Digit R769  1963

The Dream and the Flesh  Vivian Connell
Digit R777  1963

Darker Grows the Street  Bevis Winter
Digit R799  1964

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