Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Brown Watson Publisher
Digit Books 4

The Lusts of Casanova  Jacques Casanova
Digit R900  1965

The Lusts of Casanova
Original Art Colour Rough

 Bed of an Empress  Leopold Sacher-Masoch
Digit R901  1965

The Saint Meets The Tiger  Leslie Charteris
Digit R902  1965

Friends and Lovers  Oscar Pinkus
Digit Books G905  1965

The Horror From The Hills  Frank Belknap Long
Digit R907  1965

 The China Doll  Nick Carter
Digit R912  1965

Flush Times  Warren Miller
Digit R916  1965

Checkmate in Rio  Nick Carter
Digit R919  1965

Return of the Shadow  Walter B Gibson
Digit R958  1966

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