Thursday, 22 May 2014

Paperbacks for other Publishers 2
Mayflower Dell, Sphere


The Big Steal  Howard Baker
Mayflower Dell 1558 First 1964

Gallows on the Sand  Morris L West
Mayflower Dell 2782 Fist 1964

A Girl I Knew  Axel Jensen
Mayflower Dell 2884 First 1964

Somebody in Boots  Nelsn Algren
Mayflower Dell 8110 First 1964

Trial by Fury  Craig Rice
Mayflower Dell 9090 First 1964

The Winds of Evil  Arthur Upfield
Mayflower Dell 9564 First 1964


Don't Cross My Line  Tom West
Sphere Books First 1970

The Buzzard's Nest  Tom West
Sphere Books First 1970

Renegade Roundup  Tom West
Sphere Books First 1970

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