Friday, 2 May 2014

Pan X Numbers Continued

Daughters of Cain  Renee Huggett & Paul Berry
Pan X79  First 1961

The Billboard Madonna  Elleston Trevor
Pan X130  First 1962

Two Weeks in Another Town  Irwin Shaw
Pan X144  First 1962
Magnificent Obsession  Lloyd C Douglas
Pan X148  First 1962

A Reasonable Doubt  Julian Symons
Pan X150  First 1962

The Fall of Singapore  Frank Owen
Pan X153  First 1962

Minister of Death  Quentin Reynolds
Pan X185  First 1963

The Durian Tree  Michael Keon
Pan X199  First 1963

Castle in Spain  Anne Duffield
Pan X218  First 1963

TCOT Nervous Accomplice  Erle Stanley Gardner
Pan X219  First 1963

Letter Prefix Titles

Mayerling  Claude Anet
Pan M  First 1968

Nightmare in Pink  J D MacDonald
Pan T  First 1068

The Deep Blue Goodbye  J D MacDonald
Pan X  First 1968

A Man of His Time  Phyllis Bentley
Pan T  First 1969

Artwork for the following titles was produced by Sam for Pan Books this is confirmed by his own records.
His record book only showed if he received payment for art produced.
As over the years I have seen all these titles but none have Sam's art it does appear that none were published.
If you know otherwise or have any of these titles you think maybe a Peff would love to see a scan I have seen all the First Editions.

Courage of the North,  James B Hendryx
The Tight White Collar,  Grace Metalious
Escape From Zahrain, Michael Barrett
Saint Errant, Leslie Charteris
The Last Enemy,  Richard Hillary
The Pan Book f Lette Writing,  Graham K Thomson.
Greengage Summer,  Rumer Godden

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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