Friday, 2 May 2014

Pan Books Continued X Numbers

Learning to Cook  Marguerite Patten
Pan X19  First 1958

 Lord Johnnie  Leslie T White
Pan X24  First 1958

 Valley of the Vines  Joy Packer
Pan X25  First 1958

 The Last Hurrah  Edwin O'Connor
Pan X34  First 1959

Onionhead  Weldon Hill
Pan X37  First 1959

Wakefield's Course  Mazo De La Roche
Pan X50 First 1960

Between the Stirrup and the Ground  Diana Raymond
Pan X52  First 1960

 The Mountain Road  Theodore H White
Pan X53  First 1960

 The Three Faces of Eve  Corbet Thigpen & Hervey Cleckley
Pan X55 First 1960

Let No Man Write My Epitaph  Willard Motley
Pan X65 First 1960

The Called and The Chosen  Monica Baldwin
Pan X68  First 1960

The Promise of Nigeria  Sam Epelle
Pan X72  First 1960

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